Tips on Renovation



Most new HDB flats are really small. You need to think of small stuff and vertical integration. Two pieces of arm chairs and a 3 seater sofa leaves no room in your living room.

It is not necessary to outfit every single room and corner at one go. Just do the basics like floor, kitchen, lights, bathroom and some cabinets. The rest of it, you can slowly add on yourself.

Avoid getting custom furniture that is of the standard size. It is always cheaper you can buy it off the shelf. Get the interior decorator to do cabinets or wardrobes for those odd shaped corners.

Living room
In the Singapore climate, most people have a fan and/or air con here. To save floor space, there are excellent choices of ceiling fans with flourescent lights. If you intend to install a ceiling fan, it is not possible create a false ceiling with it.

If you are a fan of Chinese cooking with lots of stir frying, American country may not be suitable. The detailing on the cabinetry makes it a cleaning nightmare.

Try to use European fixtures as they tend to be smaller, whereas American fixtures is designed for larger bathrooms.

15 Aug 03

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