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How to make your user admin easier!

Kixtart is a freeware login script software developed by a Microsoft staff in Benelux. It is not supported by Microsoft, but you can find a copy of it in the NT Resource Kit.

It can literally do anything to the user client’s system. From software installation to remote reboot of the systems.  Kixtart is commonly used for assigning user home drive, shared directories, printers etc. Kixtart is not case sensitive and really user friendly. If you have written DOS batch files or BASIC, picking it is a breeze.  I have experience in neither :(

Netlogon.bat  This file checks for the presence of Kixtart software on the user station.  It works for NT and Win 9x.  Note it checks for a dummy marker file called kx361.dll

Netlogon.kix This file does the screen display and message of the day.

Drivmap.kix  This is where the actual drive maps are kept.  For ease of management.

virus_update.kix  This file launches McAfee virus updates program. Here are some useful links on Kixtart. Note all pages open in a new window.

The Official Website for Kixtart, maintained by Steve Wilson.

Bulletin Board at Brain Buzz for more examples 


Updated on 25 Sep 2000

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