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How to setup an admin installation for Outlook 2000.
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How to setup an admin installation for Outlook 2000.

This procedure will install Outlook 2000 on a server share and customize it for the local environment.  All the user have to do is to launch the setup file and no further information need to be entered.


  1. Outlook 2000 CD with key

  2. Office Resource Kit (ORK) downloaded from Microsoft

  3. Server share space

Preparing for deployment

  1. Insert Outlook 2000 CD into your desktop

  2. Perform an administrative setup by running  SETUP /R

  3. You will need to key in the CD key once only.  Thereafter it is not needed.

  4. Follow the wizard and accept defaults.

  5. When prompted for a server share, key in \\ someserver\OL2K


  1. Start Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit, Custom Installation Wizard

  2. Follow the wizard.  When prompted for a MSI file, key in the previous server share \\Someserver\OL2K.

  3. When prompted for an MST file, check "Do not open an existing MST file" and click Next

  4. Enter a friendly name for the new MST file, eg MYCONFIG

  5. Follow the wizard, for organization name, key eCOMPANY INC.

  6. Accept the defaults and follow the wizard, until screen 14.

  7. Check "Customize Outlook profile and  account information", select "Corporate or Workgroup settings".

  8. In the same screen, for Exchange Services, key in the server name ABC and check Outlook Address Book.

  9. Accept the defaults and follow the wizard to the end.


At the user station, key in the following information, the installation wizard will do the rest.

\\ someserver\ol2k\setup transforms="\\ someserver\ol2k\myconfig.mst"

Do not use the quiet flag, /qn+  It is too quiet.

updated 6 Sep 2000



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