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How to make your own PDF documents 101.

Choices you have:

1. Buy Adobe Acrobat

2. Use a shareware

3. Use a freeware and put up with all the advertising.

4. Use Ghostscript and save $$$

Personally I prefer to use option 4, :)


1. Download and install Ghostscript and Ghostview.
For those particular about stability of this, Ghostscript has been around since 1988.

2. Install a colour Postscript Printer from the Windows list of printers. Set up the options to your preference. For the port required, choose print to file. If you choose a black and white printer model, all colour information will be ignored when converting the PS file to PDF.


1. Using the application of your choice, eg Internet Explorer, Word etc. Print the document using the Postcript Printer.

2. Launch Ghostview and open saved printer file from 1.

3. From the pull down menu, select the Convert function and convert the Postcript file to PDF. If required the file can be locked from printing or copying

and it is done.

More details are available here

21 Jun 06

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