Palm Etext



This is my e text collection for the Palm, fka 3Com or US Robotics PDA.

Here are some of my E-text.  You will need MobileDB to read it.

Why I use MobileDB?

The reason is simple the converter I have is one of the beta version that was available for free. The Palm reader similarly is free. So it is no cost to you and me.

Terms of use.

You can freely use, distribute or convert into any file format, as long as the content is not edited. You shall post a link to this page or this site when you distribute via email or web page.

Singapore disappearing food stalls. 50 dishes. From Sunday Times, Lifestyle section Oct 5 03 PDB CSV
New!! Created 25 Oct 03

Baby facilities in Shopping Malls PDB Updated 25 Mar 05

Carpark charges in commercial buildings PDB old
revised 29 Aug 04

Police posts in Singapore

Singapore Post's Self Service Automated Machine (SAM) 2002 version

Singapore Post's Self Service Automated Machine (SAM) 2003 version

Nightrider bus schedule (very old)

NR1, NR2, NR3, NR5, NR6, NR7, NR8, SS1, SS2
Note these buses have been supplemented by the M series

OCBC cashin ATMs (old)

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