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I have seen several post in the newsgroups asking for assistance to choose a palmtop device. After some scratching and several tape restore cycles, here is my list which I used to assess. I have converted to questions that you should ask yourself.

1.What is in my Palm?
2.Do you need an extension of your desktop?
3.Size / Portability
5.Battery life
7.Palm web sites

What is in my Palm IIIx?

  1. Scratch Protector (OHP Transparency)
  2. Actioneer
  3. Date Book ver 3 (Datebk3)
  4. Expense - Personal Expenses Manager (PEM)
  5. Document reader (AportisDoc)
  6. Database (JFile)
  7. Database (MobileDB LT)
  8. Graphics - (TealPntLte)
  9. Graphics - (Sketch Pad)
  10. Game - Reversi (Reversi)
  11. Game - Square shifting (Puzzle)
  12. Game - Solitaire (FreeCell)
  13. Utility - Printing (Palm Print)
  14. Utility - Speed up searching (Find Ignore Hack)
  15. Security - Encryption (Secret!)

Do you need an extension of your desktop?

This answer to this question more or less decides everything. Do you need the Windows interface? Start bar and everything? A conceptually seamless extension of your desktop to your device? Look and feel plus applications?

If your answer is a definitive "Yes", then Windows CE is definitely for you!!


Before answering any questions in this section, what is the size of the palmtop vs you? Try doing a paper cutout of the palmtop hand hold it against you. Are you
,lcomfortable with the size and weight? But then you say

"Hey I can carry it in my hand". My response is,

"Go buy a Win 9x sub-notebook"

What kind of portability do you need? Do you need to use while standing in the bus? Or in the restroom, while writing The Story.


What happens if you got sick of it? How much are you willing to pay for the second unit if you lose the first one?

Battery life

What is the minimum battery life that you can endure? For me, minimum 1 month lifespan. If you are going to carry it around anywhere everywhere, the last thing on
your mind should be the next recharge time.


Programs to smooth out the rough edges. To use those long minutes while waiting at the check in counter. Either calculating the amount of tritium for your better than Los Alamos' thermonuclear bomb or increasing your winning streak in Bejewelled.

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